Theme Park Wait Times API

Queue Times offers an interface providing access to both historical and live waiting time data for over 80 amusement parks. Theme park operators supported include Disney, Universal, Six Flags, Cedar Fair and SeaWorld. With a database spanning back to 2014, Queue Times is one of the largest datasets of waiting times in the world.

Real Time API

The Real Time API offers live waiting times and current ride statuses. This data is updated every 5 minutes. Park opening hours are also available.

Historical API

The Historical API provides access to over 800 million recorded data points. The number of years of historical data available varies depending on the park, data for some parks goes back over 5 years.

Wait times and ride statuses are provided at 5 minute intervals during regular park operating hours.

This API also offers access to various aggregations, including average wait times by ride.


Pricing and further details are available on request.