Thorpe Park live queue times

Currently Open 10:00 - 21:00


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When q times are long why do they not add additional cars......
Reply · 2 days ago

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Maybe being cynical it is to sell the fast track passes ..... Doesn't happen at Blackpool
2 days ago

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You know that they can't just magic "cars" onto a track, right? How do you propose you fit a third train onto Colossus, Nemesis Inferno or Swarm? How will that work when the second train already meets the first train on Swarm before the second is ready to leave? How will adding an extra one help? Or do you expect them to "go quicker". Also not possible as trains will travel at a certain speed regardless to how many there are on the track. It's busy. If you don't like that, that is your beef to deal with, not Thorpe's.
about 2 hours ago

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does unlimited fast track have a time limit until you can use it next? like if you went on inferno you have to wait like 30 mins to get on another coaster?
Reply · 4 months ago

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Daniel hayes
No you dont have to wait you could go round and round
4 months ago

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i didnt use it but it was a lot
about 1 month ago

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I don't understand people on here that moan about the queue times if you don't like queuing up for a long time by a one shot fast track ticket ok
Reply · 4 months ago

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i agree
4 months ago

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Bruh its like £10 per ride
4 months ago