About Theme Park Queue Times

Theme Park Queue Times provides live queue data for some of the biggest theme parks in the world, anywhere in the world. The data you see posted is the same data you would see if you used the official mobile app for the park you were looking at, however we also allow you to view historical data for each of the parks. The site is not in any way affiliated with any of the parks we display live waiting times for.

How do I use this website

To start, visit the parks page, and click on a theme park name to bring you to the parks page. From here you can click on any of the rides to bring up specific details on that ride, or you can click the compare button to look at the data we have gathered for more than one ride. On the compare page, you simply have to click one of green buttons next to the ride name in order to start comparing that ride.

Warnings and notes

The official queue times posted by the parks are frequently incorrect, so as we are basing our statistics on these times, they may not be correct. Another thing to bear in mind is that most of the averages on the ride pages are updated weekly, which is why averages for months may not appear straight away.

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