About Queue Times

Theme Park Queue Times provides live queue data for some of the biggest theme parks in the world, anywhere in the world. The data you see posted is the same data you would see if you used the official mobile app for the park you were looking at, however we also allow you to view historical data for each of the parks. The site is not in any way affiliated with any of the parks we display live waiting times for.

Where does the data come from?

The queue times you see are the same as published officially by the park themselves. If you don't believe me, download the official park app for the theme park you are interested in and you will see they match exactly!

How do you predict future crowd levels?

The site uses machine learning (specifically Gradient boosting regressors) to come up with crowd calendars. The model currently includes time of the year, park opening times and weather. The predictions are therefore based on past data, so accuracy tends to improve the longer a park has been on the site for.

Can I add your data to my site?

You're more than welcome to link to the site, but I'd prefer if you didn't embed the site within your page.

Can I have a copy of your database?

I'm more than happy to give a copy of part of the database providing it is for academic purposes only.


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