Blackpool Pleasure Beach live queue times

Opens in about 9 hours


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Why do they stop running the grand national in October ?
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[email protected]
They began to re-track it. Now finished and it runs great now :o)
3 months ago

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Yep nice , glad it's going to be around longer , my favourite ride . Hope it's open for late night riding in October .
2 months ago

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do you actually get a bash on the spongebob im trying to decide which park for my birthday but i get headaches :(
Reply · 11 months ago

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Just for your birthday upcoming, no, you don't get bashed around on spongebob bash, it is a water ride where you have a water fight with multiple people with water guns attached to your cart, really good for summer.
6 days ago

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Massive queue for infusion about half way through it :) is a good ride though. Any thoughts of how long left to wait?
Reply · almost 3 years ago

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About 2 years and 3 months
10 months ago