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My family and I are making the trip to Tampa 5/28-6/6. Any suggestions on the best day to visit Busch Gardens considering it is a holiday week?
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Iron gwazis wait time is wrong i think it said 75 minutes yesterday then when i got to the park it was only 45 so it should be the case right now because everything else at the park is a walk on
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Wait times change by the time you get there.
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Anyone know an estimate of how long the lines will be from the week of april 11th to april 15th?
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shorter than 45 minutes for iron gwazi probably and 10 to 20 minute lines for eveything else if its the same as this week. None of the Tampa schools are on spring break to so that should help lower crowds
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Does anyone know if it’s even worth going to Busch Gardens this week due to the wait lines
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its spring break, their operations have been terrible this year, and iron gwazi is now open..... i'd wait a week or so.
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I am here today (Monday the 14th) and everything here has at least an hour wait. Iron Gwazi has been an hour and a half all day, Cheetah Hunt is at 150 minutes, and everything else is over an hour. Definitely the most crowded day of the year so far for Busch Gardens and I’m sure it will be like this all week.
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