Cedar Point Wartezeiten

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Does this count to the fact that only every other seat is available
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This uses wait times from the app. Only use as a guide this year as wait time have been over inflated. They can't use timed cards through lines to get a good read on que times. Cedar Point also hasn't done a great job of updating wait times either this year
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How are the lines for early entry between 9 and 10? Does Steel Vengeance, Maverick, and Millennium Force get a long line immediately?
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No typically they’re short, except now they sell tickets for early entry so there’s more crowds. Steel vengeance tends to get a bit long within these hours though.
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Don't even get in line for Maverick. RIDE TESTING was still going on when we got in line yesterday at 10:45 - for a ride that is supposed to be open for early entry. It's complete BS.
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