Los tiempos de espera de Six Flags Magic Mountain

Se abre en alrededor de 7 horas


does anyone know when x2 will reopen?
Reply · 24 días ago

In a couple of months, the track expands when it is over 100 degrees.
24 días ago

Theme Park Lover
X2 has reopened!
14 días ago

Why so much closed?
Reply · alrededor de 1 mes ago

I am here and a ton of rides are closed, probably the heat has to do something with it.
alrededor de 1 mes ago

I know three of them that are there you CANNOT get on for a while, because of WCR being built and it being in the way of Apocalypse. Also, Green Lantern might not ever reopen at magic mountain.
alrededor de 1 mes ago