Six Flags Magic Mountain Queue Times

Opens in about 4 hours


Best times to visit are during the week, if you can. All rides are pretty much a walk on. So much so that you can sit where you want on the rides. If you HAVE to go on the weekend I’d say go on Sunday. Saturday? Wouldn’t recommend. Friday nights have been busy because of Fright Fest and it’s the beginning of the weekend.
Reply · 20 days ago

SATURDAY is the best Sunday has been insane, even hitting capacity! Saturday night/Friday are walk ons. Sunday night/ Sunday in general is crazy.
20 days ago

I’m going September 14th and I’m worried some rides will be down when I go. Can rides that are closed open up later in the day?
Reply · about 1 month ago

Apocalypse opens that date! WCR opens November 8th according to the park manager. Path from Rapids/Tatsu to Apocalypse will be open! No connection to Jetstream/DiveDevil area.
about 1 month ago

Today was the least crowded I have ever seen this park, no lines on most rides, expect Superman, which was like 5 minutes. All schools are in, amazing time to visit, today the park was till 6, but the rides closed at 5:30 for a power outage apparently! (The heat was insane today!) I’ll be back Wednesday for a park update!
Reply · about 2 months ago

does anyone know when x2 will reopen?
Reply · 3 months ago

In a couple of months, the track expands when it is over 100 degrees.
2 months ago

Theme Park Lover
X2 has reopened!
2 months ago