Europa Park live queue times

Opens in about 15 hours


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Is there a reason why the Europa Park opening times do not refresh anymore correctly? For example, the park is open until 19:30 today, but the site always states 18h for several months now, no matter what.
Reply · 21 days ago

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Standard Closing time for this period is 18.00. So the system show you the standard closing time i think. Every day, they decide to postpone closing time according to affluence and weather. Theese informations are usually shown at the entrance of the single acctraction.
20 days ago

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@Triak: Yes, that's correct. But Queue-Times used to show the postponed closing time the years before Covid-19. Now, it's just 18:00 no matter what. The only way to find out the current closing time now is using the app and look at the info displayed there at around 13:00 per day. Unfortunately, this is not saved, though. I really liked the fact that Queue-Times saved this info and put it into the crowd calendar. By this, you could estimate how EP runs the park opening times throughout the year, as there emerged patterns (and you could plan your day with a little more confidence in advance, even before the closing time became "official").
14 days ago